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  1. Tadej

    Love these snow shoes as I love winter and its activities. And what a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family.

  2. Sarah

    I went snowshoeing for the first time last year and enjoyed it quite a bit. It was challenging at times as the weather was oddly warm so some parts of the trail were missing snow and others were covered in ice, so it made for awkward walking at times. I feel like it would be something I could do more regularly if I owned my own pair of snowshoes and if we had some decent weather days.

    • Christine

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by! I love snowshoeing probably more than hiking because it gives such a unique perspective to how the woods/trail looks than “normal”. I hope you get a chance to try it again this year!

  3. Wendy Robinson

    I have never been snowshoeing before and honestly…every time I’d see photos of others doing it I was like…UGH…that looks exhausting. Now maybe I will be more open to trying it. Thanks!

  4. Mary

    Ooh these are great tips!! I LOVE snowshoeing!! We go a bit slower with our 5 year old and 2 year old, and can’t go AS far haha, but they love trekking through the snow, too!

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